Thursday, July 9, 2009

Last two weeks

Well the last couple weeks have been uneventful with the Fourth of July, so I ended up taking two days off so I could go home. But other than that it's been great having an article out every day I'm there, so I end up getting three articles online a week. Last week I was able to get two out, both regarding Human Rights Watch reports. The first one was on a report about the northern region of Kenya, where Human Rights Watch has documented abuses by troops who are supposed to be protecting these civilians from militia groups but instead they have been torturing them and arresting them. The second one I wrote last week was about a detainee in Iran who is severely disabled and who Human Rights Watch is hoping to get released. He was a very prominent reformist and is disabled because of an assasination attempt against him in 2000. It was a really interesting report so I definitely encourage you to read it. It's been great to learn about these different regions of the world and issues and to write about them. It's definitely giving me a great look into the world of journalism and especially covering international issues, which has been a great opportunity for me.

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