Friday, June 26, 2009

Another week

Despite all of the challenges I am finally getting the hang of writing for them. This week I wrote two stories, one on Angola and the other on the new U.S. ambassador to Syria that I worked on with our deputy director. I actually had to write the one on Angola on Sunday because we received information on it on Friday but it was embargoed until Monday at midnight. The story was about a new Human Rights Watch report about the oil-rich region of Cabinda. I ended up doing a lot of research on the region on Friday and actually writing the story on Sunday so that it could be published Monday morning. It was fun writing the story and I got to learn more about different regions in Africa which was great, especially since I wasn't really aware of the situation in Cabinda.

Writing with our deputy director was good too, I was able to do all of the background on the issue and he did interviews. A lot of people are apparently in Syria so he couldn't get some of the interviews he wanted, but he got one or two which definitely added to the article. It's hard working with someone else because you have different ideas of how you want the story to go, but it is great getting his direct input as I'm writing and suggesting new things for me to research.

Overall it's been a good week and I am looking forward to see what I'll write about next week. I'm hoping that soon I'll be able to write about some of my passions if there is a slow week to raise awareness on these issues. But we'll see.

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