Friday, June 12, 2009

Another week of adjustment

I have learned that it is sometimes frustrating to write in the extremely specific way of IPS, but I'm slowly getting there. It's hard because we have to write it from strictly a Washington stand-point and not step on any of the toes of any of the international bureaus. This week I wrote an article on Zimbabwe's Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai visiting the White House today so that should be going up soon. I love writing articles with subjects that I'm passionate about, which is Africa, because it makes it so much more fun to work on and research. And since I already know a lot about the subject it's just easier to talk about it because you know the basic history and who the leader is and what is going on in that country.

I'm hoping next week that I'll continue to adjust to this different style of writing and that I'll continue to get another opportunity to write about Africa. It's a lot easier to write about Africa than an event about changing the energy grid and the military's use of energy, trust me.

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