Tuesday, June 9, 2009

International coverage

So as I continue to work for IPS the more I learn about their organization. While it's still hard writing these really long articles and providing a lot of context, it's great to have my article picked up by so many organizations. My Burundi article that I wrote last week was picked up by AllAfrica.com, which is a website I use for my own research because it's a great source of information about Africa. It was great seeing my article on their website and it was kind of a surreal experience.

On Monday I worked with my boss on an article about Iran's presidential elections. I went to an event Monday afternoon about the subject and the findings of a poll. Unfortunately the people did not talk much about their poll so that provided a lot of problems for me while working on the article. So because my boss wanted to write an article about it anyways we both worked on it. It was kind of frustrating to have to do but I learned a lot about the way he writes and the way he wants me to write for their organization.

We'll see what the rest of this week holds!

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