Thursday, June 18, 2009

Way too many statistics and trees

This week I have definitely gotten a lot more experience writing for IPS. On Monday I was assigned a story about growing more American chestnut trees because they take more carbon out of the atmosphere than other trees. It was not the most interesting story to write, especially because I basically hate science, but it was good to have the opportunity to get another byline. You can read it here.

I also worked on another story yesterday that was definitely a difficult subject, at least to work with because of the huge number of statistics that it involved. I had to write about the latest World Refugee Survey and relate it to previous year's survey. It was hard because my boss was the one who had written all of the previous stories so it was definitely intimidating to work on something he knew so well. But after sifting through all of the statistics and looking at his stories I think it went pretty well. So here is my next byline all about the world's refugee population. It is actually an interesting subject now that it's not all numbers. So enjoy and you will hear from me more later!

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